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2019 Photos


Our very first library this season was installed on J Street in Deer Park, Washington. Happy Birthday Kat!


This whimsical "lilacs & lilies" little library is about to take a road trip to Wisconsin to be installed in front of its matching cottage.


A matching craftsman with shake siding and chimney, this library was recently installed in front of Gary and Amy Challender's home on E 9th in Spokane Valley. Even more than making libraries, I love meeting new friends!


Over four feet tall, this monstrosity was shipped to the Westin Kierland Villas in Scottsdale, Arizona, where it will be installed near the pool area within eyesight of the main tower it was built to match.


This faux white stone castle with turquoise and gold trim was shipped to Rock Island, Illinois. The windows, spiral tower, supporting blocks and the entire top on the left side were all 3D printed. Too cool!


After first taking this double door Craftsman with us to our booth at the Garden Expo so we could show it off, it was later installed just inside the gated Lloyd Charles community here in Spokane where it is a perfect match for the up-scale neighborhood.


This whimsical turquoise little library with its white trim and flowers, and the coolest butterfly knob, found a proud new home on East Glass in Spokane.


Another cute mini-me with matching siding, 3D printed vent and solar light was installed on North Armin Avenue in Deer Park, Washington.


Designed in what is believed to be a likeness to the (no longer existing) Summer Residence of Austin Corbin II built in 1906, which was the first home ever to be built on Tubbs Hill, this Craftsman style little library with its rafters and 3D printed window was installed in front of the recently built fifth (and last) home built on Tubbs Hill overlooking Lake Coeur d'Alene in downtown Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.


In an interesting twist, this little library with its matching shake siding and adorned with a miniature sunface of baked polymer clay we made using a mold purchased on Ebay, was painted in the colors picked out by the owners and they now plan to repaint their home to match the library!


Tucked under a tree near an already-existing concrete bench in a beautifully landscaped garden niche, this little mini-me was actually designed to match one of the more prominent dormers on the customers' home on North College Place Drive in Spokane, Washington.


Commissioned by my friend Wilma Flanagan and her husband, Chris, with the nearly impossible task of coming up with a library that complimented their very unique (and to-die-for) home on the corner of North Jefferson and West 23rd in Spokane, Washington (see photo below), to replace their worn-out library purchased many years ago on Etsy. We finally settled on duplicating one of the round-windowed dormers, the unique custom siding, along with a matching side window and gable vent, all of which we meticulously replicated and then sent out to be 3D printed in miniature. After the install, Wilma graciously invited us in for Morning Glory Muffins (both delicious AND healthy - go figure ;-) and a grand tour of their unbelievably-amazing home.

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