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Custom Libraries

The Mini-Me

A custom library designed to match your home or business. It can be an exact replica down to the tiniest detail, patterned after a prominent feature, or anything that matches or compliments.

little free library with matching siding and chimney
Little free library matches home rock lap siding window
Whimsical or Eye-Catching

The Little Red Schoolhouse complete with cupola and brass bell is a traditional favorite

The Design Stage

Using 3D CAD software we will provide you with photo-realistic renderings of our proposed design(s) so you can see exactly what your library will look like before you commit.

Basic Prices

The base price of a library is determined by it's size, as shown on the following chart. For example, the library directly above is equivalent in size to the 2 Story Ranch, therefore it's base price would be $375. In addition, we charge for certain out of pocket costs such as styrene siding and solar lights, plus small charges for time-consuming extras. For a list of potential additional charges see Options/Add-On's.

Base Prices
Base Prices 2019.jpg

Keep in mind that these are just basics to give you an idea of our sizing and pricing. We will custom design a library to match your home or business and provide you with screenshots of a 3D model of our proposal(s) along with a quote absolutely free of charge and with no obligation.

If you have something specific in mind be sure to let us know! And remember, pretty much anything goes!!