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Recent Photos

Tudor Little Free Library

One of our all-time favorites, this mini-me mansion little free library was shipped to Syracuse, New York, twice! We ended up having to completely redo it after UPS lost the first package!! Needless to say, when they finally got the second one they were very happy! 

Matching Tudor Little Free Library

This scarlet macaw little free library was installed at Scarlet Orchards, 4516 N Murray Dr., Otis Orchards, WA. It was patterned after a real scarlet macaw named "Buddy."

Scarlet macaw little free library
Spanish style little free library
Little Free Library with Juliet balcony

This Spanish style little library was shipped to Minneapolis, MN, where it was installed in front of our customer's magnificent Spanish style home (shown below). We ordered the mini Spanish tiles from an artist in Ukraine, and 3D printed the rest. We are especially proud of the Juliet balcony that was included on both sides. Although  not very visible, there are 60 mini 3D printed corbels spaced around the entire library just under the roof above the tiles. Unable to get our hands on any copper sheeting, we ended up using a metallic copper spray paint for the trim pieces.


After mentioning that she had always wanted a little library of her own, this lovely lady of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, was gifted one on her 89th birthday. The birthday balloon, delivery and install were on us. The little lilac and plum library, with its white picket fence and multi colored flowers, was actually one we used to display at our booths many, many years ago (back when we still needed to advertise :-)

Little Free Library gift for woman's 89th birthday

This uniquely shaped library (shown in the above photos before the roofing was added) was a surprise birthday gift for our customer's wife.  It is a perfect match for their Kansas City, MO, home below (shown in the photo before it was painted to match the library).

SF Matching Little Free Library

This delightful little number went to San Francisco, CA and was used by our customer to propose to his girlfriend. Of course she said yes!

With its hip roof, 3D printed windows, picket fence and (hand painted) brick corners, this solar lit two door little library was shipped to Fullerton, CA.

Another hand-painted dot Mandala library, this time with delightful butterflies on the sides, was installed at 116 W 36th here in Spokane, WA.

This matching black and white library was installed at 2408 N Columbus here in Spokane, WA. The bright green Adirondack chair and footstool were hauled out from the back yard by our customer's thoughtful husband so that I could sit back and put my injured knee up while I watched my sister (Diann) do all the work installing the library!

Commissioned to match their new custom home, this rather large little library was a surprise house warming gift from our customer to his wife. After driving down for the weekend from Calgary, Alberta, to see a show here in Spokane, they stopped by my shop on some pretext and, as a co-conspirator, I had the privilege of witnessing the moment she first saw it. It still brings tears to my eyes! 

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