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Decorating Your Library for the Holidays!

Here are a few tips and ideas for decorating your library for the holidays. If you have any ideas or photos you would like to share, please email them to us!

Gel Clings 


Gel clings come in a wide assortment of shapes and lettering that will stick to glass or plexiglass. They are easily removable and reusable. You can readily find them for just about any holiday, occasion or season, or customize your own message with alphabet lettering. For those adventurous types, there are DIY tutorials on how to make your own gel clings out of glue, food coloring or any number of other ingredients. 


Hot Glue


One of the best methods we've found for temporarily (or permanently) adding decorations to your library is by using a hot glue gun.  A little dab will hold just about anything and you can easily peel it off later. While we've never had any problems or damage to painted surfaces, we would recommend using caution if your paint is old, already peeling, or was not properly applied in the first place.


Hot glue also works well for attaching things to your post or even asphalt roofing. So get creative with spiders, candy-cane striping, wreaths, Santa and his reindeer or anything else you can think of!

Solar String Lights

If you'd rather not run an extension cord out to your library or worry about short-lived battery operated lights, solar is definitely the way to go. Most solar string lights turn on automatically at dusk and off at dawn (or sooner depending on how much sunlight the panel received that day).  You can mount the solar panel on your library's roof or on a stake in the ground nearby.

For libraries with asphalt shingle roofing, tuck the extra wiring between bulbs up under the roofing and hold in place with poster putty. Never damage your library with nails, instead try attaching your lights using little dabs of hot glue. Run the string around twice so the lights appear closer together.

Add a Flag for Patriotic Holidays

Whether you want to display your flag year round or just on patriotic holidays, they are extremely simple to attach to your library. Fasten a small plastic electrical wire clip (left photo below) towards the front of the underside of your roof at the gable with a small screw. Push your flag post through and bend the clip until it sits right. Although most 4"x6" flags are made from paper, you can usually find cloth flags at specialty flag stores. Here in the Spokane area we have Uncle Sam's Flags in the Valley on Sprague just east of Evergreen Road.

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