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DIY Miniature Christmas Wreath and

Door Hanger For Your Little Library


To make the wreaths we originally used the wire twisty ties that came with our artificial Christmas tree that were meant to hold lights in place (below image top). The fuller piece (below image bottom) was cut from a small table top artificial Christmas tree that was earmarked for the garbage.  The pieces are about 3 inches long and have a wire center. 

Wreath Twisties.jpg

We twisted three pieces into a circle:


For decorations we wrapped a 3/8 inch ribbon around the wreath and glued it in place with a hot glue gun, then added a few artificial cranberries that we cut off a Christmas decoration.


Last we added a tiny red bow and our wreath was done!

Finished copy.jpg

To make the door hanger, we cut a 3 1/2" section from a 1/4" wide brass strip made by K&S Engineering that I purchased at River Ridge Hardware (can also be found at most craft or hobby stores) and bent it to the shape we wanted using needle nose pliers. We also glued the wreath to the hanger to make it a bit more secure.


We ended up making quite a few and put some on libraries around the neighborhood.

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