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Recent Photos 2

This very uniquely shaped brick library with its half round gable window was installed on the 1700 block of 5th Street in Bremerton, Washington.

image0 (4).jpeg

Shipped to Atlanta, Georgia, this (not so little) Little Free Library (photos below) features two 3D printed dormers that are perfect replicas of the originals and even include the window boxes. Utilizing a new design technique, the dormers' windows have actual plexiglass inserts. The same technique was used for the large picture windows on either side of the wood-stained front door with its ornate door knob, door bell and working door knocker. With solar LED lighting, the inside of the library is divided into two sections that are accessible from the sides. A very creative custom sign (designed by our client) proudly declares it "The McDubrofs at Old Ivy Little Free Library."

image001 (3).jpg

Although not so recently built, we recently received the photo of this delightfully painted little library that (finally lol) found its way to rural Wisconsin where it was installed in front of the quaint "Lilacs & Lilies" cottage it was destined for.

Dot Mandala Little Free Library

We were thrilled at how well our first hand-painted mandala little library turned out. Painted bright magenta and lit with solar LED rope lights weaving up the post between four adorable metal ladybugs, this spectacular library is hard to miss on South Grand Boulevard just two houses down from Manito Park in Spokane, Washington.

image1 (17).jpeg

Shipped to Elgin, Illinois, we will add more photos of this two-story very detail-oriented library once its installed in front of the 1913 home it was designed to match.


Installed in the shade of the Maple tree in front of this lovely home on S. Calvin Lane in Spokane Valley, Washington, this Brunswick green little library boasts matching hand-painted mandalas on its front gable and both sides. The library's amenities include a very comfortable Brunswick green bench, a dog treat box (also with a matching hand-painted mandala), a dog leash hook, and its close proximity to a delightfully-designed neighborhood sitting area. We also installed three large stepping stones leading up to the library.

Dog Leash Hook Little Free Library
Dog Treat Box Little Free Library

This photo was taken in Harrington, Washington, after a huge windstorm in January of 2021. Would you believe the library survived without a scratch!?! We do build them well!!!!

Little Library Survives Wind Storm

Shipped to Dallas, Texas, this library includes a hand-painted "stained glass" design of a cardinal on its plexiglass door. A very elegant library for a very elegant home!

Little Free Library with Stained Glass Door

Hand-delivered to Seattle by my very accommodating niece, we will add additional photos of this mostly brick little library after it has been installed.

IMG_20211011_084310757 (1).jpg

Designed to match a small section of our customer's new home, this very large and very unique library with its triple tier roof had to be picked up by the customer since we didn't have a rig big enough to haul it! It was actually a house-warming gift from a previous customer to her parents and will be installed at 3606 S. Custer St here in Spokane.


These hand-painted dot butterflies were added to an existing library to replace the wood cutouts it previously had.

IMG_20210901_152922305 (1).jpg
Hand painted dot Mandala Butterflies on Little Free Library

Another must-see if you're in the neighborhood of 2528 W Dean in Spokane! This absolutely fabulous mini-me is spot-on with its matching everything including the rafters and door decorations. We ended up using a couple of pine needles and some thick thread to duplicate the wicker peace sign hanging on the customers' front door. We used PVC vinyl planking for the roof base and heated it to bend it for the porch overhang.


Installed at 3224 W Woodland Blvd. in Spokane, this delightful hand-painted dot mandala library with mandala cats on both sides was a surprise gift from our customer to his wife.

IMG_20210805_080443139_BURST000_COVER_TOP - Copy.jpg
IMG_20210805_080427948 - Copy.jpg

Something new and different, this Little Free Art Gallery installed at 205 W 22nd in Spokane was a surprise birthday gift from our customer to her father. She came up with the idea as a way for her father, a very prolific artist, to give away some of his stockpile of watercolors. It has cork board on the right side, which is locked, where dad (Tino) can display pieces of his art, and everything placed on the left side by Tino or any visiting artists is absolutely free for the taking. Based on the same "take one or leave one" theme of the little free libraries. 

Little Free Art Gallery
Little Free Art Gallery

Another one that is new and different, this library includes our first carport which will soon be filled with an appropriately-sized car that our customer has ordered. Installed at 2523 E 17th in Spokane, the library was actually last year's Christmas gift from our customer to his wife, that we just recently completed.

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