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We are experienced, professional designers and builders of custom little free libraries (neighborhood book exchanges) designed to match your home, business, or theme of your choice.

Using 3D CAD software we will provide you with photo-realistic renderings of our proposed design(s) so you can see exactly what your library will look like before you commit. 

What makes us truly unique is our ability to replicate dormers, doors, windows, shutters, mailboxes, light fixtures and just about anything else through 3D printing.

Each library is meticulously hand-crafted using ¾” double-sided MDO (medium density

overlay---a high-end specialty plywood with a heat-bonded resin coating designed for extended exterior use) and then sealed with multiple coats of quality exterior paint. A plexiglass door held securely with a strong magnetic catch and an asphalt shingle roof ensure your books will stay dry throughout even the harshest winters.


We take pride in consistently exceeding expectations with our attention to detail and unsurpassed quality! 

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